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Other services

Company registration - Legal services in the process of registering one-man business or personal and capital companies in Poland and Great Britain. Assistance in choosing the form of taxation, accounting office, obtaining a loan and renting premises for business purposes.

Granting the Pesel number - One of the problems facing foreigners moving to Poland is to obtain a PESEL number. Having a PESEL number by an employed foreigner is now necessary for the employer to fulfill his or her duties. It is also a great help in everyday matters of everyday life. Its lack is often associated with difficulties in using services such as opening a bank account or entering into an insurance contract.

Correction Certificate - This document is necessary to hire an employee, for which the Act specifies the requirement of no criminal record, full exercise of public rights and determination of the right to occupy a specific position or to conduct a specific activity or performing a specific profession.

Car Registration - We will help in all matters regarding the registration of a domestic vehicle and imported from abroad. We will prepare and fill out all the required forms and documents. You will save your time and avoid a stressful situation in the office.

Exchange of driving licenses - Exchange of foreign driving licenses is essential for driving cars in Poland and the European Union. Your foreign driving license will cease to be valid after 6 months from obtaining your permanent or temporary residence card in Poland. Failure to do so may have serious consequences in a roadside inspection or accident.

Help in the purchase of real estate - we will recommend the services of professional advisers in the selection of real estate who will guide you through all the formalities related to the purchase and help in obtaining a mortgage. Real estate is the best investment in your future.

Opening bank accounts - A foreigner who intends to set up a personal or business account in Poland often encounters significant difficulties. First of all, he will not open an account via the Internet, but only in a bank branch office. Do you want to avoid the stress associated with opening a bank account? We will help you choose the most favorable banking conditions, and we will accompany you in the bank department.